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NIVAS MODULAR KITCHENS offers you an extensive array of kitchen designs which are both of Indian and European makes. Our state of art modular kitchens comes with warranties and with modular components of the kitchen. Our ergonomic designs give a complete balance of convenience and aesthetics. All wooden elements comply with ASTM standards.We build kitchens keeping your needs in mind with the best knowledge in the industry, exceeding expectations.

Kitchens are the most utilised parts of our homes and are meant to be clean and hygienic. Thus,modular kitchen is the best solution for creating a kitchen that is stylish and hygienic. Nivas is the one stop solution for all the kitchen designs and needs. Modular kitchens are one of the mandatory requirements in houses today. People prefer to spend minimal time in cooking without much effort and thus modular kitchens are growing in demand. Cabinet closures, chimney closings, sink units or stove units we provide the best of all. We are pioneers of quality hence our products are of good in appearance and quality.

We have experts who create customised kitchens that fulfil all your requirements and yet look extremely stylish. The best part of modular kitchen is the closures. None of the utensils or the monthly provisions is in the open. There are cabinets and closures that are provided for all this. Thus, the kitchen overall looks extremely clean and is very comfortable for use. Cooking is a very tedious task for many. Thus, comfort has to be provided for dishing out the best recipes. Again, safety is the major criteria in kitchens. Kitchen is the most risk prone areas in our house. Thus, provision for metered gas without cylinder is also included in our modular kitchen. Nivas are experts when it comes to woodwork. Wood furnishing is our arena. Hence, we make the best use of wood and create the best of modular kitchen that spells splendidness. Kitchen is no longer the place where women work meticulously; it has become the place of innovative dishes


NIVAS designs and fabricates wardrobes and kitchens by utilizing maximum space within the limited space available. It makes provisions of inner space solutions by the means of shelves, drawers with locking facilities and much more. NIVAS is reputed for wonderful wardrobes and kitchens which are coordinated with the colour scheme of the room and other furniture, stunning models, required partitions, dressing centres with requisite lighting, separate provisions for different family members and finally awesome finish wardrobes and kitchens.wooden kitchens